About us

Ridez NEMT was founded in March 2020 and a duly registered corporation in the State of California. Our mission is to provide the community with a convenient, safe and easy access to non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers thru the use of Ridez NEMT Application software also known as the Ridez App. The App is easily downloadable from a cellphone anywhere and anytime when needed. Ridez NEMT serves as an aide to everyone that value their independence and freedom to do just about everything in their lives. The Ridez NEMT App acts as a conduit by providing the riding public on-demand access to the local transportation services to go just about anywhere they need to be such as the grocery, stores, hospital, dialysis, therapy, pharmacy etc...  The safety conscious drivers are independent business owners who provide their own transportation services to the community using  the Ridez NEMT App. In order for the drivers to maintain access to the App, they are background checked, FBI-cleared, CPR trained and provided regular training on safety and care to deliver the best quality transportation experience to the riding public.

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